Artist Biography

Joseph Russo, an abstract artist who mainly works with acrylic paints. was born July 17, 1998 in Voorhees, New Jersey. For as long as he can remember he was always drawing and painting when he was a child. But he didn’t start taking it serious until his freshmen year of high school. For the most part he is a self-taught artist, although he did take a few quarters of classes at The Art Institute of Philadelphia, before un-enrolling from there. he is currently an emerging artist, represented by the Twenty-Two Gallery in Philadelphia

Best of quarter for Fundamentals of Design
Best of quarter for Fundamentals of Drawing 

Artist Statement 

My art is an attempt to explore the relationships between various color harmonies and surface textures. I also use it as an opportunity to develop my own unique artistic voice. I have no interest in using my art to represent imagery or direct aspects from the real world. This may not be the popular view, but to me, artspeak gibberish is art's own worst enemy. The object is always there, and it should be discussed directly. Rather than carefully stepping around the object and thinking about what it might be, I focus on what it is. For inspiration, I look at concepts like Ordered Complexity and Emergence, where things build up from a simple base structure by following a set of predetermined rules, and self-organize as they go. I translate this into painting by building off of the random, using a predetermined technique and range of colors.