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Opening Reception:

Friday, September 12th, 2014   6 - 9 PM

Exhibition runs through October 5th, 2014

Joann Doneen

"Fields of Stillness"

Recent mixed media works of artist Joann Doneen.

The exhibition “Fields of Stillness” actively investigates movement and stillness as it relates to visual representation. The meaning of internal and external worlds becomes an enriching source of information and inspiration: what are the qualities of quietness, stillness and spaciousness; how do marks on surface hold and reveal their power.  These themes and explorations became the structure and driving force for Joann Doneen’s recent work, ranging in size from small works on paper to major works in oil and mixed media.

"Field," mixed media, 20 x 19 in. by Joann Doneen

"Cool Light" mixed media; 9 x 12 in.