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Opening Reception:

Friday, June 12th,   6 - 9 PM

Exhibition runs through July 2nd

Carol Ashton-Hergenhan

“Florescence, Senescence and Regeneration”

Recent watercolors and drawings by the award winning Philadelphia area botanical artist.

"I am fascinated by plants and how they function and interact with the world.  Their movement in the wind, the jewel like colors, the intricacies of their structure, and their constant change, continuously draw me to them.

This body of work continues my exploration from Florescence when the plant attracts pollinators to continue its species, through Senescence as the plant ages and struggles to continue its own existence to prepare for a future generation, to Regeneration, when the species starts anew and the cycle begins again."

Carol Ashton-Hergenhan

"Candy Cane Buds”,  Amaryllis ‘Candy Cane’,  Colored Pencil, 13x6” ©2014