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Friday, June 10th,   6 - 9 PM

Exhibition runs through July 1st

Joann Doneen

“Illusory Display”

Recent abstract paintings by local artist, Joann Doneen.

"The paintings in this exhibition explore “place”…..and our inner knowing of experience. When we intimately engage our visual experience, how solid does the world appear? The fleeting expression, of place, even in its exquisite vividness, carries a tone of transparency. What do we know of now, or its value? The process of painting, making marks on a surface, the paint, the materials, the tools, together with movement and touch, become a personal visual journey, a seeking to know. As the paintings for this exhibition progressed, I found the “floating Image” and the attention to “edge”, or “where things meet”, to be a recurring and potent theme."    Joann Doneen

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"Illusory Display" Oil, marble dust, 30 in. x 30 in.,by Joann Doneen